Monday, March 10, 2008

Teacher Teach Me!!

I think that we've all been in those relationships that leave that little bit of negative residue. When you've been with someone for a while, whether it be 1 month to 5 years, and things don't quite work out you get some attitudes toward relationships, life and love.

I have been in two previous long term relationships (even though "long term" is a relative term). I will say that I was slightly jaded by them both... When you tell someone that you love them and then what you thought was love wasn't really what you wanted it to be...It leaves scars!! And then in every relationship after those you become a little more wary about saying the "L word". You're not sure if this one will end as the last two did. So you don't want to dig yourself deeper because then it's just too hard to pull yourself back up to level ground if it doesn't work out.

Admitedly I was a little wary when Adele and I first started getting serious... But by the way side go all inhibitions. I've told myself that I will never compare this relationship to past relationships. This is new!! Every moment is its own!! And that is how I treat this thing called love now!!

I have learned somethings over the years...1. Never stay in a relationship just because it feels comfortable and routine!! and 2. Don't be afraid to do things just because you've had some negative experiences!!

That being said....Adele and I just celebrated our 2 Year Anniversary together!!

What an amazing girl!! I've figured out that I can't date girls that are the opposite of me...Adele and I (although having our differnces) are essentially the same person only with different!! We balance each other!! And just when you think that love for another person has to be "this" way(because that's how you've experienced it in the past) you learn that love has no patterns, no definition and no boundary!! What I thought was love is not what I think about it now!! It's a wonderful thing!!! With its ups and downs, its twists and turns...with it's calm and stormy days.

I love Adele...with all my heart and soul...I care so deeply for what she thinks, what she says and what she is (even if I don't always make eye Del!!).

We are constantly teaching each other about each other and I am always learning new things about myself because of Adele!!

Adele...I love you so little Dellie Bear!!

You have become a part of my family (coltrane and me)!!

And like my sister says "Here's to 60 more years!!"

Spread the love people!!