Friday, March 30, 2012

As a Tool to Enjoy the Day

This was the afternoon of afternoons.
Sun has been saluted with 108 cheers
from Boddhi seeds, each passed as an
homage to this... and to this... and to this

Brahmar Panam as a lead in to breakfast.
My soul left for work but I'm
down to enjoy this day on my own

With work to be done and suggestions
to give, my Miele moves me through
the rays between the leaves.
I stopped to purchase a nourishing
Align CenterRakta remedy... Chipati on the side.

Brahmar Panam as a lead in to lunch.
A message from my soul,
"There are dreams to be followed."
I'm here to listen.

Chores to do but some cinema as a
procrastination tool... Typical...
The kettle sings. Some indulgences,
some disciplines.
Some Marley on my mind to dance me
into this afternoon.
"Sun is shining, weather is sweet."
T-shirt, shorts, no shoes on my feet.

Om Sahana Vavatu as a lead in to...
My soul will be home soon,
There are dishes to do ;)

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