Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More Work Than It's Worth?

So I really am a new Yogi!! I have questions and sometimes don't no where to find the answers...Will it really come to me if I put it out there? As a Pitta, is the Ashtanga practice good for me or could it be hurtful? I heard that no matter what, stick with your practice. If I have an injury should I rest it or keep doing my practice but at a less intense level? Sometimes this Yoga thing is confusing!!!!!

I am a very internal person. Any of my stresses and worries are very well hidden. Maybe acting in highschool has had a role to play. I'm not the kind of person that wears his heart on his sleeve...I keep things inside and I am very good at hiding my internal reactions. Or maybe I've always been good at dealing with my problems. I don't get stressed out much... I can literally count on one hand the number of times that I've been seriously enraged. My moto was always "Deal with it and move on!" And yet I used to run and re-run scenario upon scenario in my mind ad nausium. Since I've found Yoga (or Yoga found me) I've been able to really keep my mind from running away with itself. Thank you Yoga!!!

I know that this process and journey is not a fast acting relief like Reactine. I remember a quote from David Swenson that basically said, "Don't think of this journey as taking days, weeks or months. Think of it as years, decades and lifetimes." I use this to help cultivate patience and compassion for myeslf and my surroundings. This is a continuous journey... a lengthly journey...but a worth while journey. And I've got a great partner, Adele, to help along the way!!

When the end goal is pure knowledge of my True Self, long and healthy relationships and a greater appreciation of the universe, what other journey is there?!?!?

Im glad I got that off my mind!!


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Adele said...

We are ying and yang. It must be exhausting for you to watch me lay my emotions on my sleeve and react so openly to my stressors. But I must say, you handle it with grace. I think you should say 75 % of the things you think. Because in the end, it all works it way out your mouth. Sounds weird, but it works