Thursday, September 4, 2008

For show...but still!!

So here I am again, having not posted in more than a month and asking myself why I even do this...!?!? But never the less, I love to write when I am inspired to. And let me tell you, last Sunday I was deeply inspired. My wonderful partner, Adele and I, have been having an amazing Summer... We've gone camping a few times, went to art exhibits, walked the streets of Toronto and Montreal and last weekend we saw the beautiful show that is Cirque De Soleil. The name of the show was Saltimbanco (which is one of the original shows). HOLY SHIT!!!! That stuff is crazy. So many fantastically talented people who really excel in their chosen field. There were gymnasts, dancers, clowns, actors, singers and athletes of all kinds. The show was without a doubt the most visually stunning display that I have ever seen.

This also brings up a point that I'd like to address. When I told my teacher that I was going to see Cirque we had a great conversation about how beautiful the show is and how visually impressive it is to see such control of the body. We talked about how watching that can really inspire a Yoga practice. And how when you see these things it makes you realize that some of the poses that we think are physically out of our reach can really be possible. Then she brought up the point that it's all for show... And yes obviously it's all for show!!! I paid $70 to see it!!But still...

These people might not be getting into Cirque to connect with their "True Self" but you really have to admire the Tapas and discipline that it takes to get to that level. I personally think that even though these things are done for performance, some of the same "Yoga rules" still apply. It takes quite a bit of physical awareness and concentration to do a single arm handstand on another persons head. I've never been in that kind of situation to tell you if the breath is involved...but I can assume that it is. Even if it's not being used as a vehicle to personal and universal enlightenment, somewhere in there is some sort of realization. I'm also assuming that, at some point, these performers have had to leave their ego's in the dressing room and just "show up" to the performance.
So as Yogis, we should never just play these things off as just being for show... we are all putting the same amount of energy into it. Some people just choose to put their energy into different places. But in the reality of it all...if they didn't do what they do (and perfectly too) I wouldn't have had an amazing show to watch and wouldn't have been inspired to write this post or I wouldn't have had the realization that it might just be possible to transition from Bakasana to Handstand with a little Tapas and an open mind.
Namaste...shanti...shanti...shanti was a girl....Samantha Page Overholt...good job sis!!

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Adele said...

I wonder what a cirque performers diet consists of, eh?

hahaha, good post!