Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Is Not A Lamp!! WTF!!

So how right was Bob Dylan when he said, "These times they are a changin'."
Super right!!!

He could not have been more true than right now in time. So many things are changing
at this time.... Not only are the leaves changing from a deep green to those beautiful shades of
of red, yellow and burgendy but so much more than that.
In Canada we recently had an election for our Prime Minister (and even though it's the same dude as last time). This election was a record low for voter turn out at a whopping 54%...CRAZY!! Is it that people don't care about who's running the show or are we all just fed up with the same political bullshit. All the promises that fall by the way side once a person is elected...All the new taxes that seep out of our wages to support this and that when really the money goes toward taking a limo to the corner store. Needless to say I was disappointed when I heard that the turn out was so poor. But on a higher, more resonant note, the Green Party (for whom I voted) had the highest record of votes in their party's history. Which tells me that people are definitely taking the importance of the environment more seriously. So that's the politics portion.

Hhhhmmmmm...what else is changing...oh wait...just my perception of reality!!!
I have been taking a Buddhist Meditation course for the past 8 weeks at the Samudra Buddhist Temple in my city of Hamilton. It is truly a Lotus springing out of the mud (it's in a not so good area of town-but sorely needed). This part of my journey is bringing a lot of things into light. I am now questioning my self, my surroundings and everything even the kitcken sink these days. I and learned last night that there is no kitchen sink....WTF!!! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that one. I find myself with more clarity. I find myself in the witness more these days, especially when it comes to my reactions toward people and certain scenarios. I'm not so reactive in traffic, I'm not so put down by bad weather and the most amazing thing is that I'm not so angered by people that I would usually find Uber-irritating. Let's give it up for MEDITATION!!! Oh and I was way less reactive when I tried to write a blog the other day and as soon as I got to the end something crashed and the entry was lost...but it lead the way for this entry!!

Things in this world are getting crazy people...are you ready handle it...calmly?
If you're not and you're interested in preparing check out this website It has some great insight!!
If the goal of life is to love (truly love)...Yoga will help us to get there.


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