Sunday, February 8, 2009

Making His way Home - ode to my Uncle Ferg

My Uncles funeral was yesterday... not a dry eye in the house!! The man was so well loved!! Yogis say that sometimes the practice of Asana can become a spontaneous meditation and release of creative energy. In Flow Class today my goal was to cultivate a pure practice of gratitude. To be grateful for every breath and every movement. As well, I dedicated my practice to my Uncle Ferg. During Savasana this poem started to write itself.

Making His Way Home
by Steven Ferrell

Today they say a man was lost.
And to the ground his body tossed.
To be cycled through this world again
as husband, uncle, father, friend...

His body not betrayed himself
instead a life of loving wealth
His last smile felt,
His last breath breathed,
But still I hold no sense of grief.

For as lay in smiles, in sun
I see the grace in everyone,
In eyes, in leaves
In gowns and graves,
And every time a child is made.

I feel we need to all embrace
each stage of life in time we'll face.
In his death and rebirth,

In our sadness and fear,
His flesh now gone, his heart still here.

So don't consider him lost today.
When we think on him he's not alone

As guide and guru along this path

My Duke is making his way home


Adele said...

you never cease to amaze me

Lynn said...

Now that I have dried my eye's and can see I can begin my comment. That was a beautiful poem, and another layer of your beautiful personality shines through.
Lovely work it was very moving.