Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Change In the House of Flies

So just to start...Primary Series was the shit last night!!!! Sometimes I wonder if the phrase "the shit" is translatable into Sanskrit!! I hear a new tattoo idea...Ha!!
But seriously (eyebrows drop), primary is spectacular. So refreshing, so detoxifying. I'm actually dealing with slight sciatic irritation and an SI joint issue right now. It's really helping my practice a lot. Cultivating Ahimsa comes truly shining through and helps to balance my Pitta. Although it is difficult trying to undue 28 years of conditioning in less than a year... patience, contentment...I am where I am no where to go but here. aaahhhhhh....

A friend of mine said to me the other night (we were chillin' the other night watching skateboarding videos and chatting) that when her Dad always asks her what time it is, she says..."Right now!!"
That is awesome...Truer words were never spoken!! I told her that I'm stealing it. When you are living moment to moment, the time is NOW!! That is one of the reasons that I like righting this Blog. It's a spontaneous action at this point...I just feel as though I have some thoughts that I'm connecting with and I want to get them out. (sigh) Aaahhhh life.

So now for my intention for this say that people are wonderful!! Certainly in this world there are personality conflicts happening all around us. But when you truly make a connection or difference in this world it feels spectacular. Not necessarily because you were the cause or had some part in this glorious moment but because it makes you feel happy to see someone else so happy. It's like that feeling of warmth when you see two people in love. You think to yourself "Good for them for finding love!!" I feel that way about Adele and me...she is amazing!! I won't go on saying all the cliched things that I could say about her... but she is all of them.

In particular, one of the women in my class today (which was my first class as a certified Yoga Teacher) is wonderful. She said that she has finally realized that she loves herself for the first time. "Good for her for finding love!!" Nothing is more important than a love for yourself. To actually love who you are and where you're headed. She knows now that she needs not please everyone around at the sake of hating herself.

Haaaaaa!! It's funny how coincidences work....I just remembered that this was actually the intention set for last nights Primary Series....My's blowing....steaming!!!

Being a part of this thing called Yoga is outstanding...this enigmatic beauty that is the means and the end...the journey and the destination...This shit does still blow my mind sometimes!!! As it probably will for lifetimes to come.

To all...enjoy life...enjoy love...bask in them both...they are the same source of light.


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Adele said...

loved it, love you. But I don't get the reference of your title. Tell me about it tonight!