Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Day I Tried To Live

I remember watching the Cosby Show as a kid. I used to love that show. I wasn't exactly sure why. But it seemed as though they were the coolest family on television. Every week a new story, a new joke and a new guest Jazz musician...being that Bill Cosby, not only a great spokes person for Kodak and Jell-o pudding, was also a famous Jazz producer. From time to time I hear a song on the radio or somewhere else and I associate it with the Cosby show. For instance, I was downloading some James Brown lately and I heard "Night and Day" and was transported back to the episode where the Huxtable clan celebrated Cliffs parents anniversary by lip syncing to this song. The memory is an amazing thing.

My girlfriend of nearly two years, Adele, is directly responsible for,
not only introducing me to Yoga, but also influenced my decision to write a Blog. She has recently started to right a brilliant blog called No Way Au Lait. Her stories of food and fun and all Dairy free. It is in her that I find undying compassion. I find unyielding support. She has supported my decision to become a Yoga Teacher and also supports my journey as a novice Yogi, trying to make sense out of the world. But I love that I am trying to make sense of it all and not just lagging by on the ride to who knows where.

Which brings me back to the Cosby story. (tangent: I think one of the funniest episodes was when the whole family tried to teach Theo about living in the "real world" so they pretended to be other people...Rudy was Mrs. Farnzworth, the banker. I laugh just thinking about it.). There was an episode that had a guest appearance by Jazz Vocalist Lena Horne. She sang these words "In this world of ordinary people, extra-ordinary people...I'm glad there is you. In this world of over rated pleasures, and under rated treasures...I'm glad there is you."

This first Blog entry is my dedication to Adele. They say that you are meant to meet people so that they may teach you something that you needed to know about yourself. Adele has not only taught me my way around a kitchen, but she has taught me that every time I say "I love you!" that I should mean it. She has also taught me that Love is not what I once thought it was...It's better!!

This is a Blog of My journey. A journey that happens moment by moment, breath by breath. This is the Blog of The ifree Yogi.

-Picture yourself as the sky... Of a brilliant shade of blue...From time to time in this spacious sky there are cloud formations...These clouds, consistantly passing...These clouds however slight or however large...However light and fluffy or however dark and ominous...these clouds do not make up the sky...We all know that when the clouds are gone there is always a crystal blue sky just waiting to be discovered again!!
We are all crystal blue and perfect.... just waiting to be discovered.

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Adele said...

Your pure energy pours onto the paper and through my computer. Thank you for this tribute Steve, it is beautiful.